We are so grateful to have you with us as we delve into the archives of an American Country Music and Pop Culture Icon. Over the coming months, the Naomi Judd Estate will release more personal artifacts through specially curated chapters, each sharing a different facet of Naomi's life story, and standing in tribute to her remarkable legacy. 

“Mom was always the family historian. She had over a hundred scrapbooks and photo albums organized by decade, year, month. She was so proud of her collection. I am thrilled to be able to share her personal and professional archives to give Judd fans a glimpse into her life and who she was, and to continue to honor the legacy of Naomi Judd.”  - Wynonna Judd

"What a sweet and meaningful opportunity to connect with Mom, to share with our family what mattered to her. She was a great one to squirrel away pieces that were endowed with story.  Now, together, we can hear from her, and remember for ourselves where we were when these things were unfolding in our own lives, learn more about her internal life, and connect with the special woman she was. Thank you for joining us on our ongoing family journey." - Ashley Judd

"It is such a blessing for me to honor my wife's life by giving the fans a look into the detailed archives that Naomi kept all of these years. I'd often walk through the barn and wonder why she insisted on keeping all of these objects that at the time seemed to be collecting dust; however, I now see that these were more than just things. These were her memories... our memories.  These releases are our family's gift to you, her public, for being there for all of us for the past 40 years. I hope they bring you a sense of Peace & Hope in regards to her memory and the Legacy that is Naomi Judd." - Larry Strickland

“Naomi kept meticulous records of photographs and artifacts. Through these we are able to explore how she viewed herself. It is our honor to help the family curate these collections for release. This first collection, simply titled “Artist” is how she documented her time as she was best known, as one half of The Judds. The subsequent collections introduce and revisit other facets of Naomi that we can't wait to share with those who meant the most to her, the fans." - Kodi Chandler, Director of Hill Entertainment Group + Naomi Judd Estate Archivist