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Scientists and Medical Professionals

Scientists and Medical Professionals

Naomi's passion for healing brought her into contact with some of the world's most impactful doctors, scientists, and medical leaders. She saved several pictures of herself with these luminaries such as experimental psychologist Steven Pinker, integrative medicine pioneer Andrew Weil, Nobel Prize for Chemistry winner Kary Mullis, Human Genome Project Leader Francis Collins, the Father of A.I, Marvin Minsky, near-death studies legend Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, holistic healing teacher Deepak Chopra, and more.

"I've been meeting with the most brilliant minds in America in this field...I met with the head of UCLA's Psychoneuroimmunology Program formed by Norman Cousins, he's a close personal friend, Dr. Deepak Chopra. [He's] the main doctor in the mind-body field now, or at least the most visible. So I'm hanging out with all these people who are so in tune with the fact that wellness is not a materialistic pursuit, it's a spiritual pursuit." - Naomi Judd to Ability Magazine, 1994

From the Naomi Judd Estate

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