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Visiting Hep C Patients

Visiting Hep C Patients

Naomi visiting hepatitis C patients at a Baptist hospital. Rising up after her own battle with hep-C, Naomi used her personal knowledge to raise awareness and help support others suffering with the disease.

"Even though Naomi was ill and fatigued with hepatitis C, she made sure it wasn’t all about her. She stepped-up big time as the public face for hepatitis C as she became the national spokesperson for ALF spreading awareness and raising money for hepatitis C and all liver diseases. She made a big difference. Her persistent public visibility lead to hepatitis and liver disease transitioning from a largely stigmatized and ignored illness to becoming mainstream with congressional research funding increasing more than 300% in just a few years matched by a huge growth in liver specialists. Indeed, Naomi deserves much credit in lifting diseases of the liver out of the shadows." - Alan P. Brownstein, former ALF Chief Executive Officer

“These personal ground zeros are what allow us to live. They strip us down, and you have no choice but to get rid of all this extraneous stuff.” - Naomi Judd

From the Naomi Judd Estate

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